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Fight White Genocide Podcast #15 – An Interview with Georgia Peach

In this podcast the FWG crew are joined by a very special guest, Georgia Peach, a former AM radio show host at KSCO in Santa Cruz, California. She is the first to take the message of White Genocide

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Fight White Genocide Podcast #14 – Fighting the Word War

Hey Guys, Here is our podcast #14. The FWG crew discuss the nature of the struggle

Fight White Genocide Podcast #12 – News and Views

https://www.bitchute.com/video/mVnin5fDL2Gt/ The crew discuss current events from a

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When opportunity knocks… Hey, I’m grateful he didn’t talk about Hitler like one fellow who got on TV

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Bernard Harcourt is a  prominent professor of law and political science at Columbia Law School. Below is a quote by

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Will Whites become mobile trying to outrun diversity, become shut-ins, home school, develop a separate subculture,

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I vote for the second. If we had bottomless reserves of pro-whites to be put to work at whatever, maybe I’d vote

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