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11 Jun

Americans split over their core issue — “What kind of America do we want to leave to our future Mexican majority?”

As White Genocide proceeds steadily but quietly, amidst increasing clamor over every lesser thing, Ken’s irony-drenched article is more relevant than ever. 18FEB ’18 Step Away From the

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21 May

Why Is Pro-White Elon Musk Buying Anti-White Twitter?

Is Elon Musk really pro-White? Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt! The

19 May

Anti-Whites are ecstatic over the shooting deaths in Buffalo!

The anti-Whites who rule us are grinning ear to ear (but not where you can see

7 May

Mayorkas/Jankowicz Secure the Homeland for White Genocide!

The Department of Homeland Security (do you remember when that name seemed an

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Written by Robert W. Whitaker. FOREWORD – By Joseph Sobran Why Johnny Can’t Think is an odd book, if you

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Chris Rufo has led the war against Critical Race Theory, the weapon of mass destruction of Whites that anti-Whites are

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Aside from saying White Genocide “is not about race” (eh, what?!) and always referring to White Genocide as

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May the many thousands of you who read that article soon have an effective Stop White Genocide Party to support! Our

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In a brilliantly written article by Brendan O’Neill posted on The Spectator on June 9th, 2018, Brendan explains

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