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Thank you, President Ye and President Fuentes! Richmond, Virginia’s disgusting “White Genocide Boulevard” will return to being beautiful “Monument Avenue”!

January 1, 2054 Alright! It’s 2054 and a lot has happened! Over 20 years ago, Richmond’s anti-White city government arrogantly stripped that city’s beautiful Monument Avenue of its

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24 Oct

Anti-White Pennsylvania school district replaces Halloween with inclusive “Autumn Leaves Day”

Pennsylvania’s Lower Merion School District has cancelled its 50 year

January 6 “insurrection” is a lie that anti-Whites hide behind to carry out White Genocide

Never forget Hillary Clinton’s reply when she was asked what the top priority

Chris Rufo hates Critical Race Theory but loves White Genocide!

Chris Rufo has led the war against Critical Race Theory, the weapon of mass

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Written by Robert W. Whitaker. FOREWORD – By Joseph Sobran Why Johnny Can’t Think is an odd book, if you

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“Western values are that tribe and skin color do not matter” ~ Charlie Kirk, May of 2022 Can anyone think of a more

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Tucker doesn’t use the term “White Genocide,” or even “anti-White.” No prominent person

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But Jim Banks doesn’t use the terms “pro-White” and “anti-White. He and the

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If you’re White, and were to live until our policies of mass third-world immigration and forced

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