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Thank you, President Ye and President Fuentes, for returning Richmond, Virginia’s disgusting “White Genocide Boulevard” to being beautiful “Monument Avenue”!

January 1, 2054 Alright! It’s 2054 and a lot has happened! Over 20 years ago, Richmond’s anti-White city government arrogantly stripped that city’s beautiful Monument Avenue of its

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24 Oct

Anti-White Pennsylvania school district replaces Halloween with inclusive “Autumn Leaves Day”

Pennsylvania’s Lower Merion School District has cancelled its 50 year

January 6 “insurrection” is a lie that anti-Whites hide behind to carry out White Genocide

Never forget Hillary Clinton’s reply when she was asked what the top priority

Chris Rufo hates Critical Race Theory but loves White Genocide!

Chris Rufo has led the war against Critical Race Theory, the weapon of mass

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[This first appeared on 7/6/22 in our longer article White Genocide Snapshots! The struggle it describes is now taking

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Consider how extraordinary this is: The genocide of a country’s founding people is well underway, but no

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Dr. Darren J. Beattie, former speechwriter for President Trump and founder and editor of today’s indispensable

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Students in Milford, New Hampshire staged a “walkout” to recover their bathrooms from the steel grip of

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