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The Bizarro World of Anti-Whites

By Bob Whitaker We live in a Bizarro World, a world where White Genocide is being carried out in the name of “Diversity,” and any objection to this anti-white policy is banned. In our Bizarro

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13 Mar

Shut Up and UNIFY!

Tucker Carlson says we need unity. “Diversity isn’t our strength. Unity is our

24 Feb

Whites Have Rights?! We Need to Study This Odd Notion!

Dr. Christina Cliff, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Security Studies at

18 Feb
Ken 5

Step Away From the Microscope

Untrain your eyes from the micro-issues and focus on the big picture, White

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It’s amazing what Bob Whitaker and his BUGSers have accomplished! Just a few years ago, “anti-white” and “White

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Direct the FCC to issue a legislative rule that media may not call elections before polls close Our national media

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    Reject “Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, white countries for EVERYBODY” – reject

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Explain the program behind the “migrant caravan” 5000 people don’t just decide one day to walk 2000 miles

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