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Portland City Council Hears Resolution Condemning White Supremacy, unanimously passing it as they were EXPECTED to

At 2pm PT on February 7th, the Portland City Council heard a Resolution condemning white supremacy and alt-right “hate” groups in the area.  The Resolution is nothing but an Anti-White Hate

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Identity Dixie: Rebel Yell Podcast

On Tuesday February 5th, Jeff (eyeslevel) and I joined Rufus from Identity Dixie on

The Bizarro World of Anti-Whites

By Bob Whitaker We live in a Bizarro World, a world where White Genocide is being

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Which group will you white anti-whites oppose, in a conflict where neither group is white? When one of the groups is

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If a third party will name itself “The Stop White Genocide Party,” then Media will do a lot of the party’s work

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Decades before the U.S. government did the same, the German government during the 1930s launched a strong anti-smoking

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Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia is just one more white anti-white who has built his political career on supporting

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