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Shut Up and UNIFY!

Tucker Carlson says we need unity. “Diversity isn’t our strength. Unity is our strength.” @4:28 Unity naturally flows from homogeneity, and it doesn’t need a vast propaganda campaign to

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24 Feb

Whites Have Rights?! We Need to Study This Odd Notion!

Dr. Christina Cliff, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Security Studies at

18 Feb
Ken 5

Step Away From the Microscope

Untrain your eyes from the micro-issues and focus on the big picture, White

18 Feb

Will Trump say “White Genocide” before he says “white”?

Trump never mentions the group that elected him: whites. Maybe because he dreams

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It was never about inclusion or tolerance or freedom. It was always about hating white people. Anti-whites claim they

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Every race has its unique nature and achievements, and in a normal world every person would feel good about his race

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[See first comment] National Geographic offers readers another “Feel Good about White Genocide”

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In early March an event called “Culture Galore” was held to celebrate the “diverse” cultures whites are

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