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“White privilege” is a code word for White Genocide

“We must also cleanse our American soul of its white male privilege,” says Michael Moore. What Michael Moore really means is that America must cleanse itself of its white males, and of

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StormFront Radio with Jeff and Laura

Jeff and I joined Father Francis aka Frank from TN on StormFront radio on Wednesday

10 Jan

The success of the phrase “Anti-White”

The following excerpt was written in March, 2013: “Anti-white” creates a new

10 Nov

Harassment Forces FWG West Virginia Billboard Down

Our West Virginia billboard was taken down Wednesday, November 8. Harassment from

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Trump never mentions the group that elected him: whites. Perhaps dreaming that universal love for Trump will hold the

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Imagine yourself as a white remnant  of the future, reading through old newspapers after a hard day in your “White

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They’re carrying out White Genocide. At the end of a podcast he co-hosts with Jazzhands McFeels, Marcus Halberstram

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With the exception of Bob Whitaker, Donald Trump has probably done more than any other single person to turn public

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