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Shut Up and UNIFY!

Tucker Carlson says we need unity. “Diversity isn’t our strength. Unity is our strength.” @4:28 Unity naturally flows from homogeneity, and it doesn’t need a vast propaganda campaign to

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24 Feb

Whites Have Rights?! We Need to Study This Odd Notion!

Dr. Christina Cliff, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Security Studies at

18 Feb
Ken 5

Step Away From the Microscope

Untrain your eyes from the micro-issues and focus on the big picture, White

18 Feb

Will Trump say “White Genocide” before he says “white”?

Trump never mentions the group that elected him: whites. Maybe because he dreams

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Trump opens the blinds in Europe to the spectacle of anti-whites pushing Europe toward a new and permanent Dark Age,

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Gianfranco Formenton, a priest in Italy’s central Umbria region who has long preached against racism and in support

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“The Anti-White Party,” “The Pro-#WhiteGenocide Party,” “The Party that supports

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White Genocide is the flooding of EVERY white country and ONLY white countries with the third world, and then using

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