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15 Dec

FWG Podcast – Basics of Power & Politics

The first podcast from FightWhiteGenocide.com! Featuring Laura, Jeff, Ken, and special guest Lord Nelson!  How do movements get into power? What tactics did the anti-whites use to get into power?

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10 Nov

Harassment Forces FWG West Virginia Billboard Down

Our West Virginia billboard was taken down Wednesday, November 8. Harassment from

8 Nov

Virginia Governor-Elect Ralph Northam Vows “Open Door” to White Genocide

How can you tell when an anti-white is carrying out White Genocide? He’ll

2 Oct

Spotted Owl Supremacy?

Outbreeding destroys subspecies. When conditions of outbreeding are forced onto a

Daily Anti-White-isms

Extracted from a previous article: That’s worth a moment’s diversion, since intermarriage per se is not the problem

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The photo above is of California NAACP head Alice Huffman. National anthem lyrics prompt California NAACP to call for

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How do anti-whites get that way? Do they retire to some dark secret place every day where they immerse themselves in

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