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  • $5000 RAISED
  • $3000 NEEDED
  • $8000 GOAL
  • 63% FUNDED
A Few Words About This Cause

Our billboard campaigns have attracted international media attention in the past.  They have been seen on everything from local news stations to CNN, HBO, & international media outlets like the BBC. We intend on continuing our billboard campaigns well into the future, but we need your support!  Donate Today!

Why the Billboards Work
  • They are hard to ignore, most Americans spend an average of over 15 hours per week in their cars
  • Our billboards have strong & proven messages that draw attention & initiate dialogue.
  • The impact our billboards have on anti-whites & media is a gift in itself.
Billboards allow our message to be introduced to the average driver & television viewer.  It offers us a flexible method to disseminate the message of white genocide to those that are not savvy with modern social media .